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The Penis Size And Its Compatibility.

Are you concerned about your penis size? It is common to hear ‘The bigger, the better. Really? This is a subject matter that has captured the curiosity of many people around the world. While some studies has shown that sizes matters, there are also proven facts that the penis size does not matter depending on individuals.

The Penis, also known as ‘Gbola’ in the local parlance; is the male genital organ used for insemination during intercourse. It consist largely of erectile tissues and it is also used for urination. We can also describe ‘Gbola’ as the instrument of penetration into the female genital organ for the purpose of pleasure or reproduction.

When we talk about Penis Sizes And Its Compatibility, women tends to be the critical judges, their assessment or opinion is based on how appealing a man is at first, not necessarily considering how a certain part of the body look like. Studies conducted by the Australian National  University revealed that the taller the man, the bigger the effect his penis size has on his sex appeal. So it is safe to say most women women thinks the taller a man is, the bigger the penis size.

Findings also show that women preferred  taller men with broad shoulders. Professor Michael Jennions (ANU Research School of Biology) said penis sizes does influence a man’s appeal and it is as important as height which is a well known factor in male attractiveness. Still on the findings; it is being said that larger penises are ideal but were much more attractive on taller men than shorter men.

People with small penis do not have a physical condition but only gets anxious about the size of their penis. They worry primarily that their ‘Gbola’ is too small, then they also get worried on how their  partner will rate them for their penis size. Having a small penis isn’t a complication and it’s never a hindrance to achieve a goal (i. e. deriving pleasure). Only in rare cases a penis can be adjudge too small to hinder sexual performance.

Medically, a small penis is term Micro penis. Men who has micro penis may suffer from Small  Penis Syndrome – a disorder that disrupt a person’s perception of their body. The sign of a micro penis is detected at birth when a child’s penis is less than 0.75 inches in length. This is linked to hormonal issues which may happen due to lack of fetal testosterone. When the brain hypothalamus does not produce enough hormones to stimulate the testicle it creates an abnormality. Normally, the testicle is expected to create enough testosterone for an efficient penis growth and functions.  However, studies show that an average penis size for a new born is 1.4inches. The cause of micro penis stems up mostly from having hormonal issues. Micro penis and other birth anomalies could be as a result of mother’s exposure to toxic chemicals in the course of being pregnant. Deficiency in testosterone during this period are the common cause of micro penis and other genital abnormalities. Only in rare cases, doctors are not able to find a definite cause for a micro penis.

So, What Is The Average Penis Size?

In a collaboration of studies between the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) and King’s College, London, it was discovered that an average flaccid (inactive mode) penis is 3.61 inches in length and 5.16 inches in length when erect (active mode).

Although estimates on average penis differs, a lot of people believe that a normal penis is 6 inches long. This is not  true, In fact this belief has created so much concern for those who are worried about their small penis.  A 2014 analysis  of data from more than 15,000 men discovered the following  about  the penis size.

– The average non-erect penis is 3.16 inches long.

–  The average erectile penis is 5.17 inches long.

–  Penis longer than 6 inches when erect are rare.

It is so common for guys to occasionally worry that their penis may not be large enough; mainly when they feel pressure or constraint from their partners who constantly reminds them of how small their penis is, more especially when they see a ‘massive’ penis in a pornography. Interestingly, women knows more about an average penis size than men do because they see and host them the most.

If you worry about the size of your penis, it is advisable you see a doctor to seek for help and support. Getting too anxious about your penis size can be so frustrating  and may have a negative  influence on your relationships and self esteem. Misconceptions about the size of your penis may  get you so worried especially when you compare your penis to other people’s, while yours is just within a sizeable range.

What You Should Know About Micro Penis

Micro penis according to doctor’s diagnosis is a penis that measured below the average stretch length for one’s age and level of sexual development. (2.5 standard deviation).

People with a small penis constantly compare their penis size to that of others, leading to a distorted view of the penis size.

They curiously place a huge value on penis size,

Having difficulties when having sex with their partners because  they keep brooding over the size of the penis.

Depression and anxiety set in about the penis size.

They experience a decrease in sexual activities; which includes getting an erection or having an orgasm

Persistent heartache about the penis size and appearance.

Men with this syndrome feel timid and distressed about their penis size and get so worked up with the belief of having a micro penis even when the penis size is normal.

Note that smaller than average penis can work superbly for most men. A man with a small penis should  know that most women need more than just penetration to achieve orgasm during intercourse. Significantly a small penis hardly stand in the way to having an enjoyable and pleasurable sex between partners.

Treatments For A Micro Penis.

Treatment for a micro penis is not only aimed at increasing the size of the penis but ensuring the one going for the treatment gets value for his money by having a perfect functioning penis which makes them feel satisfied. Treatments varies but you need your doctor to make recommendations depending on the cause of micro penis.

Hormone Theraphy:

Intramuscular testosterone injection or applying testosterone cream can increase a penis size. This is because testosterone treatments usually help in the growth of a penis. Adolescent age is considered the best time to go for this treatment, it is said to be more effective at this stage than afterwards.


Your doctor may want to consider taking you through surgery if the hormone theraphy did not work for you. However, it comes with high risk of complications. This procedure is carried out by putting an implant into the penis to make it look bigger than it was before. Note that having a micro penis is not a barrier to having a good and enjoyable sex with your partner as some are made to believe. People with micro penis have normal sexual functioning as it does not affect one’s ability to pass urine or achieve orgasm. Yes, with a micro penis, you can do exploits! So, go guys!

What Are The Best Sex Positions For Someone With A Micro Penis?

Note that all sex position for small penises are created so that the penis comes in touch easily with the clitoris which is the G-spot of any sex position with the females.

1. The doggy style: Lots of name has been coined for this particular sex position, ranging from backie, rear entry e.t.c. It is a traditional sex position from behind.

Both partner face the same direction, the females goes on all four spreading the legs while the male partner comes behind on his knee and penetrate the female partner gliding in and out. It is recommended for those with a small penis because it makes deep penetration easy beside they can utilize the entire length of the penis. With the doggy style, the male partner gets around to provide the female partner with more clitoral stimulation. They can also control the tempo and pattern of thrust for a maximum penetration and pleasure.

2.  The cowgirl style: The male partner lies on his back while the female partner climbs on him, facing him for penetration. The female here apply a side to side motion making sure the penis stays in while at it.

3.  Stand and Deliver:  Here, the male partner stand at the edge of a bed or a table while the female partner lies back with the legs raised up to the chest, knees bent like one riding a bicycle, the male then hold on to the female ankle and penetrate. This position allows for an unbelievable deep penetration and a manual clitoral stimulation.

4.  Pile driver:  The female lies on her back preferably on a rug, swings her legs up and back over her head having her feet close to the ground. All the male partner need to do here is to squat over and thrust in and out. You can achieve maximum penetration with this position.

NB: Men with a small penis are advised to extend foreplay, this is because it builds arousal and it is a key to achieving an intense orgasm which makes sex more enjoyable for them and their partner.


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