Hygiene Tips For The Pubic And Armpit Hair

We dwell so much on keeping trim and healthy the hairs on our head but shy away from discussing or caring much about the pubic hair and the hairs in the armpit because it is not easily seen. If it is hidden, the more reason why we should care the most for those areas. Feeling uneasy and getting irritated are part of the inconveniences you experience when you don’t take good care of the hairs in ‘the hidden places’. Same energy you applied in caring for the hairs on your head should also be apply in caring for the pubic and armpit hair. Pubic hair is the hairs around the male/female sexual organ, while we also have hairs growing under the arm (armpit).

You may be wondering or asking yourself, why do I have hairs down there? It is for a purpose. Pubic hair is meant to protect the skin around the genitals because it is a sensitive part. It is there to serve as a defense againt abrasion that may cause irritations for the skin. It is there also to protect you from any kind of bacteria infections like Sexually Transmitted Infections, Yeast Infections and Urinary Tract Infections. Pubic hair helps to minimize sweat around the genital areas, surprisingly it helps in regulating body temperature. The fact that the pubic hair is there to serve a purpose does not mean it should be kept ‘bushy’ ( Long hair is also known as bush or forest in the naija local parlance).

Though everyone has the freedom of doing whatever they like about caring for the hairs. Most people prefer the hairs trimmed. Opinion differs as to whether you should have the hairs trimmed or keep it. Well, you don’t need to keep them shaggy, If you choose to keep the hairs, but be sure you are able to take good care of it, pubic hair is also meant to trap dirt and micro organism that are harmful. If you belong to ‘team clean shave’ you  are also good to go. Either way, it depends on individual’s opinion. Lack of good care for the hair makes it a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. An average percentage of men and women removes pubic hair in readiness for sex while some groom the pubic hair for attraction, it may interest you to know that some male partners get aroused sighting a female with a well groomed pubic hair, while some prefer a partner who has a clean cut (bare) below.

Not taking good care of the armpit and the pubic hair also causes irritation and discomfort when the hairs become overgrown.  There are lots of misconception about the pubic hair, based on the responses from a questionnaire, many has reported they keep the hair for hygienic purpose which is not far from the truth, but then it is of necessity to remember that the hairs traps sweat and bacteria and are prone to having odour. Most people do not consider it necessary to scrub that part of the body, it becomes obvious as it brings unpleasant odour. Trichomycosis is an infection that occurs in the moist area of the body especially the armpit as a result of sweating, where you see bacteria that attach themselves to the hair shaft which results in a yellowish node. This causes odour and changes the colour of wears under the armpit.

Do’s and Dont’s for removing pubic/armpit hair

It may not seem necessary but the first step is to wash the skin before trimming or shaving as this will help to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Sterilize all the tools needed for shaving, e,g, the razor blades or scissors. Change your razor blade on a regular basis, don’t repeat the use of a razor blade on another day. Avoid sharing your shaving tools.

Avoid using harsh chemicals or hair removal methods.

Shave on a moist skin to avoid friction

Go for a moisturizer after shaving, it helps to soothe the skin and prevent irritation

Avoid sponging hard on the shaved areas, it causes irritations.

Shave a day ahead of having sex so the shaved area will relax. Sensitivity of the skin makes it prone to ingrown hairs immediately after shaving, thereby causing irritations due to friction during sex.

Avoid tight clothings and put on clothes that are loose, so that it will not rub against the skin after shaving. This also help to prevent bumps and irritation.

Does Pubic Hair Helps Sexual Attraction?

Yes, it does for many even though it is a put off when it looks unkempt. Pheromones (a secreted chemical factor that triggers a social response in members of the same species, are chemicals capable of acting like hormones outside the body of the secreting individual, to affect the behavior of the receiving individual – Wikipedia.  Pheromones are like scents produced by chemicals in the body, which attract an alluring and erotic feelings towards a partner. It doesn’t end there, it may also triggers a repulsive or attractive reactions too as the case may be. Also, the hair follicles in the pubic area are filled with sweat gland known as Apocrine – It is also referred to as odoriferous sweat gland,  It is a sweat gland that produces perspiration enclosed to the auxiliary and perineal region which include the labia major in women and the scrotum in men. Apocrines are controlled by sex hormones and it secrete pheromones that attracts the opposite sex.

Ways in which you can get the pubic/armpit hair shaved
  1. The use of shaving stick: Shaving stick is considered less painful or not painful at all; except you are not being careful in the process and you give yourself a cut. Bacteria abound all over the skin including the genital areas. Shave vertically making sure your blade moves smoothly across the skin. If you are having lot of hairs,  you may need to trim it first of all with a scissors before making use of the shaving stick. The shaving stick may not be able to mown the long lawns, so get it trimmed first. Don’t forget to use warm water, shave gel, or cream to open the hair follicles before shaving.
  2. The use of hair removal:. This is also a good option as long as you are careful while applying the cream. They mostly comes in a tube form. Hair removal cream dampens and lubricate the hair to make shaving very easy. It works by melting the hair on the surface of the skin. Wash out the cream carefully so it doesn’t get into the vagina. Ensure you apply aloe-vera gel to soften the area in order to get rid of odour and sweats, it is advisable to use deodorants. Anti-perspirant deodorants which stops or dry up sweats are also available in spray form, sticks and roll-ons e.t.c
  3. Trimming: This has been considered to be the safest option for shaving the hairs, it is most preferred by those who don’t want to go bare (gorimapa) down there. Trimming with scissors leaves behind some strands of hair and of course, it feels good when you have a connect with the strands left instead of the ‘bare’ feelings. Be careful when using scissors to trim, place a mirror in your front to watch and guide the movement of the scissors so you don’t clip the labia or the clitoris.
  4. You can also go for waxing — If you choose to go for waxing, ensure the wax is clean and has not been opened for usage before you do, though a clean wax may cause skin damage, burns and folliculitis – a condition that occurs when the wax is overheated and pulls out the hair from the root, this opens up the follicles and may set off infection more especially if you have a very sensitive skin. During waxing the hairs are pulled off like a plaster. If you’re opting for a wax, get a professional to do it or get a waxing kit and make sure its been done efficiently.
Hygiene Tips

* If you do decide to shave, make sure to use a clean sharp razor, clipper, shaving cream or gel to reduce the risk of irritation or cuts.

* After shaving, use a soothing lotion or oil to moisturize the skin and prevent irritation.

* The pubic area has a specific acidity level, you can make use of PH balance pubic washes to keep the area clean.

*  Use a mild, unscented soap or body wash to clean the area. Avoid using harsh soap on the pubic area as they can cause irritation. Remember to wash with warm water.

* Avoid sharing personal grooming tools such as razors or clippers with others to reduce the risk of infection.

* After using the toilet, clean the pubic area with wipes or tissue to stop harmful bacteria around from spreading. There has been a heated argument about preferring water to the use of tissue (toilet paper) after defecating, if you can make good use of the tissues; why not? and if you frown at the use of tissue, nothing stops you from using water to clean up. The sole aim is to get cleansed and fresh.

* Ensure the pubic hair is dry at all times, dry the area thoroughly after showering or bathing.

* Synthetic and nylon fabrics should be avoided. Wear clean, breathable underwear to reduce moisture buildup. Loose clothes and quick drying fabrics should be preferred, they are more comfortable even when you sweat.

If you experience any irritation, redness, or itching, seek your doctor’s advice. Don’t forget that hair removal is a personal choice and not a hygiene requirement. It is important to do what makes you feel comfortable and confident.

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