Erectile Dysfunction: Causes and Treatments

Erectile Dysfunction: Causes and Treatments

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get or maintain an erection. Erection in itself happens after sexual  thoughts and fantasies or a direct contact with the penis which result to the increase of blood flowing  to the penis. When a man is sexually stimulated, the penis becomes rigid ready for penetration. Erection mostly last a few minutes or thereabout, in some cases they last up to 30 minutes, maintaining the rigidness all through sexual intercourse until you climax makes you a champ, but on the other hand not being able to keep the erection firm enough for sexual intercourse leaves your woman broken hearted and dejected.

This condition increases with age. Research shows that erectile dysfunction which may be mild  or moderate affects 10% of men each decade of life. Erectile dysfunction, as many believed, affect only men who are older than 50years or more, this belief may not really be true because some men under the age of 40 has been found to seek for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. These can be linked to the choices of lifestyle as the main cause of ED in younger men. Examples are smoking, drug abuse et al, Despite the fact that the risk of erectile dysfunction increases with age, ED is inescapable in general. But keep in mind that maintaining a good health, is a great influence on your sexual functions.

Some men may get erection but not able to maintain a firm penis (gbola) for a long period of time to satisfy their partner, they ‘cum’ after a few thrust while some ‘cum’ at the entry point! A disappointment isn’t it? Yes, because it becomes a great concern not only to the woman but the man also if sexual performance is not always satisfactory.

In extreme cases this condition is seen as impotence, the society has tagged someone who experience such as a ‘one minute man or ’30 seconds man’. Erectile dysfunction also know as ‘power failure’ is a pointer to a physical or psychological condition which in turn causes low self confidence, anxiety and a strain in a relationship. Men who battles with ailment like diabetes are at risk of erectile dysfunction if it is not controlled.

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction.

There are many factors linked to the common cause of erectile dysfunction.  Some of the Physical Causes includes:

– Heart diseases

– Diabetes

– Obesity

– Clogged blood vessels

– High Blood Pressure

– High cholesterol

– Smoking

– Addiction to alcohol

– Fatigue

– Drug abuse

– Multiple sclerosis

– Surgical complications

– Hormonal disorders

 Psychological Causes:

Psychololgical factors plays a big role in erectile dysfunctions. These factors ranges from:

-depression and anxiety.

-psychiatric conditions,

-tension in relationships.

-fear of intimacy.

-pressure at work,

-financial problems

-Post traumatic disorder

– Medications used in treating high psychiatric disorder over a long period of time can affect a man’s sexual drive and sexual performance.


– Struggling to get an erection

– Unable to maintain erection

. The inability to keep erection firm during intercourse

– Premature ejaculation

Talk to your doctor if these symptoms persist for more than three months so they can help in examining both your health and sexual history to determine if symptoms are due to underlying conditions.

Tips To Help Fix Erectile Dysfunction

1. Work on weight, reduce your weight

2. Reduce the consumption of alcohol

3. Don’t only reduce the frequency you smoke, but quit smoking.

4. Keep fit by exercising.

5. Don’t feel jittery or over anxious before sexualintercourse. Get yourself relaxed.

6. Fix every strain in your relationship with your partner.

7. Keep your emotions in check.


Many people wondered if erectile dysfunction can be reversed, yes, it can; with the right treatments and adherence to hint on living a lifestyle that is not detrimental to your sexual health.The realization that erectile dysfunction can be treated both medically and naturally has increased, while some may avail themselves of these opportunities to get treated, some shy away from talking to their doctor about it, evading treatment because they feel it is an embarrassing subject.

1. Even though erectile dysfunction is self diagnosable, it is advisable you consult your doctor for counselling and treatments. There are oral medications that can reverse erectile dysfunction, they build up the effect of the natural chemical the body produces and relaxes the penis muscles, Viagra and other related drugs may be prescribed depending on the severity of your case.

2. Injections like caverject impulse is also used to treat erectile dysfunction, it works by aiding the blood into the penis to cause and sustain erection. This is done by injecting it into the side of the penis, this is expected to induce an erection in about 5 to 20 minutes, while the erection is also expected to last for 30 minutes or an hour.

3. Vacuum pump: This is the use of external vacuum and penile pump devices to stimulate erection. This devices causes blood flow to the penis and  brings about erection.

4. Hormone Therapy: Identifying the hormone deficiency contributing to an erectile dysfunction and correcting or balancing the levels with hormone theraphy is a sure way to boost your sexual functioning.

5, Vascular Surgery: Though this type of surgery is not common, it is meant for people with pelvic trauma that eventually leads to vascular injury. This surgery is meant to repair blocked arteries.

6. Erectile dysfunction may stem from the use of some medicines and recreational drugs which may affect a man’s sexual arousal and sexual  performance. With the help of your doctor you may need to change your prescriptions if it has been proven to be the cause of erectile dysfunction. The drugs that may have a negative effect on your sexual performance includes:

Antidepressant and other psychiatric medicine

Antihistamine medicines used to treat heartburn

High Blood Pressure medicines and diuretics

Analgesics (pain killers)

Recreational drugs

Drugs used in treating Parkinson disease

Chemotherapy and hormonal medicines.

7. Talk theraphy: There are lots to benefit talking to a therapist who will take you through sessions of therapy which includes discussing your feelings about sex, your major stress and what makes you anxious and the natural discord that could be affecting your sexual well being. Erectile dysfunction could also affect your relationship, as no woman wants to keep ‘fanning the coal’ for a long time before it brings out fire. (Literally). You may need to consider speaking with a relationship counselor who may help you and your partner to reconnect sexually and emotionally.

Herbal Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction.

As much as there are lots of herbs and supplements for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, you should seek the advice of your doctor before going for any herbal treatment or the use of supplements. Much of the publicise treatments have not been approved by the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC). It is easier to see vendors hawking ‘Agbo’ (mixtures of herbs and other condiments believe to cure erectile dysfunction). The leaves are boiled together with additional ingredients, filtered out after it has been left to cool down, poured into plastic cans for sales. There is a general belief that it works but then, there is need to apply caution.

– Red Ginseng: This is a Korean herbal remedy used by herbal practitioners to treat erectile dysfunction aming others, it is said to have an effect on the hormones responsible for getting an erection.

– Horny goat weed: A Chinese herb used to reduce the basis that gives rise to sexual dysfunction.  The use of goat weed is able to adjust the level of specific hormones in the body which may result in boosting sexual performance.

– Ginkgo: This also is a herb used in treating or preventing a lot of disorders among which is erectile dysfunction,  not only do Gingko helps in dilating the blood vessels it also helps to improve blood flow to the penis for erection.

– Yohimbibe: This is made from an extract gotten from the bark of an African tree, usually made into supplement, it work by setting off the sense organs that activates the release of hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline. It works by obstructing the effects of other fusions that may restrict the blood vessels in the male organ


Studies that shows acupuncture may be effective for treating erectile dysfunction are limited, though some research suggest that acupuncture may help to trigger blood flow to the pelvic region, it also has the ability to reduce stress helping to curb the psychological causes of erectile dysfunction. Acupuncture is carried out by a practitioner called Acupuncturist, placing needles across the ears, the hands, the legs and the stomach to stimulate certain peaks. The acupuncturist apply heat or electrical pulses to the needles for stimulation once he is done with the insertion. While you are asked to relax in a position, the needles remains on the inserted parts of the body for 20 minutes, after which the needles are removed. The end result makes the person who have gone through this session feels relaxed and electrified.

Other studies advocate that the combination of acupuncture and psychological therapy is one step ahead at minimizing the effect of erectile dysfunction than psychotherapy alone. Acupuncture in recent times has also been found to be very helpful in enhancing the sexual function and pleasure of men who struggle with erectile dysfunction as an after effect of antidepressant.

It is important to note that acupuncture has its side effect just like other treatment you may opt for, the most common side effect is marks or bruises at the point where the needles are inserted, couple with the feeling of soreness and a slight bleeding.


Raheem OA, SU JJ, Wilson JR, et al, 2017, the association of erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular diseases. A systematic critical review.

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