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7 Healthy Practice To Enhance Your Sex Life

Having a healthy sex life is important. It is a track to achieving a desired purpose. Sex is a God given need, it is a craving that need to be satisfied, therefore it must be done in the proper way to get a preferred result. So many people don’t consider the health aspect of their sex life, they only do what they feel it’s the normal thing to do or they go with trends, doing what you feel is normal or what is trending does not necessarily mean you are on the right path. Consulting a sex therapist is  a helpful and reliable source of improving your sexual life. You may want to ask if you need to consult an expert? Yes, there is need to consult someone who is a professional in the field if you need tips on how to maintain a healthy sexual life, practising safe sex and navigating different ways into sexual pleasure.

Healthy practices for healthy sex life

1. Eat healthy

Scientists have associated diverse food with a good and healthy sex. Healthy diet plays a big role in helping you have a healthy sex life. Studies show that there are certain fruits/food that helps improve ones performance and boost libido. Now if you are wondering what libido means you’re not alone. Many use the term without knowing for sure what it means. Have you heard a man saying “konji dey hold me?” Konji means one’s sex drive. Libido is just a fine name for sexual desire. Our diets plays a consequential role in keeping our sexual life healthy. The American Heart Association advocate diets that comprises a wide range of fruits and vegetables. Foods containing fibers, whole grain, making use of non cholesterol oil like the sesame oil, olive oil, soybean oil et al. Consuming fruits like nuts, beets, apple, and berries has a way of boosting your libido, improving your blood flow and keeping your heart fit. The circulatory system needs to be in a good working condition because it is also essential for your sexual health.Sea food such as Oysters, crabs, shrimps contains Zinc – a mineral element the body needs at all time for key functioning of the cell metabolism,  for energy and balancing the level of testetorone. All of theses are required for a wonderful sex life.

2. Regular exercise

How does exercises affect your sex life?

Keeping fit also helps to improve your sex life. Exercises helps you feel more energised and confident of being able to accomplished a task. Men in good shape find sex easier than those who don’t engage in exercise at all, Note that physical activities/exercises not only produces sex hormones (endorphin) but increases its level in the both male and females acting as a pain reliever and also to make them feel better.

Exercises also helps in boosting your self confidence, you know that feeling and perception of being desired by the opposite sex. Feeling so good about the attentions you are drawing. Exercise makes the heart contract faster. Good examples of exercises that helps improve the sexual health ranges from kegels, cardio activities like swimming, cycling, running, and walking,  push up, sit up, jump squat, frog pose, cat/cow stretch, planks et al. When the heart contracts well, it increases the rate of blood circulation and helps increase sensation. Exercises makes you fit for the bedroom, leading to a great sex and making room for intense orgasm. Remember the shoulder, the chest and the abs are the part of the body you need to apply the most during sex, hence the need to strengthen those part through exercise. Exercise also help you to build and strengthen the muscle of the pelvic floor, they are very essential in sustaining blood flow to the penis and maintaining erection and in the long run reverse erectile dysfunction.

3. Avoid stress

Stress is a silent killer, the build up of stress interferes with your sex response hormones. It causes the body to produce hormone cortisol which lowers your libido, chronic stress leads to depression and anxiety. Regular exercises helps to relieve stress. One of the advantages of exercises that can not be over emphasized is the ease of blood flow and circulation.

It is important you learn how to manage stress by applying the stress management techniques which includes making use of guided meditation and the practice of yoga, deep breathing, connecting with others, minimizing the social media time, and going for a massage. All these helps to improve your sex life.

4. Get a good sleep

Sleeping time is a resting time, depriving yourself a good sleep results in a low sex drive, erectile dysfunction (a condition where you are unable to get or sustain an erection). Not having a good sleep can alter the brain chemistry.

Another impact of not having a good sleep is infertility which affect both the male and female respectively. The male system makes use of testetorone to produce sperm which is a vital element for reproduction and being considered fertile. Males who do not get sufficient sleep experience  hormone deficiency and are prone to producing insufficient sperm. In other words we can say  sleep deprivation lowers the libido and decreases the production of testosterone which have an adverse effect on the quality of  sperm. Likewise women who don’t get good sleep experience irregular menstruation, meaning it disrupt the female menstrual cycle and may trigger hitches with ovulation. Ovulation is the period when an egg is released from the ovary, the egg moves to the fallopian tube and stay for a day or two for fertilization. In summary,  it is the period when a woman can get pregnant. Improve on the quality of your sleep and reap it’s benefits.

5. Moderate alcohol consumption

Excessive intake of alcohol has a numbing effect on the genitals which makes it hard to get erection as well as having difficulty reaching orgasm, it is also a constrain on one’s ability to get sexually stimulated; disrupting the brain from communing with the genitals. Women who consume large amount of alcohol experience a decrease in vaginal lubrication which may cause dryness at times, thereby making it very hard to achieve orgasm and if at all they are able to, it is less intense. If you desire a hitch free thrusting then it is high time you reduce the consumption of alcohol. Men who also consume much alcohol ‘cum’ (ejaculate) too soon or even find it difficult to ‘cum’ as the case may be.

Another impact of excessive consumption of alcohol is that it reduces the sex drives (libido) and  the production of testosterone in men which may lead to erectile dysfunction as well. Consume less alcohol and keep your brain intact, the drowsy effect of much alcohol increases your chance of having unprepared and unprotected sex, and you know what that means? You are at risk of sexually transmitted diseases/infections.

6. Less caffeine

Excess caffeine causes stress on the adrenaline gland, it shove down hormones related to sex drives and has a negative effect on blood flow, if you need a good sleep you’ve got to reduce your intake of caffeine.

7. Prepare your mind

Great sex starts in the mind – Dr Gabrielle Morrissey

One secret to a healthy sex life is having a sound mind and mental balance. Sex is a spontaneous desire and it does not only require the attention of your body but your emotions and your mood which has to do with the mind. If you are seeking to enhance your sexual life then you need the ability to absorb yourself in the moment of intimacy. When your mind is distracted with wandering thoughts of your need to study, workloads, pressure at work, doing the laundering et al, including getting anxious, you are prone to distractions, meaning you are not present in the moment. You can’t run away from all these distractions listed above, yes! but take your mind off these worries at the moment you need to get intimate with your partner. If you allow the distractions to override that moment, whoop! you can’t make boast of having a healthy relationship or sexual life. If you find it difficult to focus your mind on what you are doing at a particular time, try Meditation and Yoga, one of it’s benefit is that it helps to calm the mind. Meditation and Yoga harmonizes you with emotions and the practice of being mindful all through the day. Most times when you are having a sexual intercourse, getting to the peak (orgasm) becomes a herculean task. Prepare your mind whenever you are set to get intimate with your partner, this helps you to ‘explore’ the neccessary E-buttons (erotic zones) it also triggers your libido and that of your partner into action. Not much ecstasy is achieved if your mind is not focus, it’s more or less having a quick one out of necessity. You deserve a great sex, so train your mind to explore sensations, it sets the ball rolling toward the goal. As you do this, don’t forget to renew your your interest and desire for your partner.


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Felix Johnson
Felix Johnson
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Excellent Keep up the good work. Nice piece 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

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Richard Otu
1 year ago

Very helpful.

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Apt! On point. Can’t agree more

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Olawale Johnson
1 year ago

Interesting tips on improving one’s sex life… very insightful 👌🏾

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