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5 Crucial Things You Should Know About Your Sexual Health

The World Health Organisation (2002) defines sexual health as a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being related to sexuality. It encompasses Respect, Pleasure, Safety and Freedom from all coercion, discrimination and violence.

Sexual Health is a segment of living a genuine life and it is expected that we make it a prime concern as it affects the physical, mental and emotional aspect of our life. It is important to be well informed about sexual health as it set a pace for a safe, comfortable and enjoyable sex life. An effective and polite approach is a vital instrument for a healthy sexual relationship if we care to take it to the next level and not just having a fling! You may want to know how it is beneficial to you? Come with us as we take you through what you need to know and meditate on about your sexual  health.

Who is a sexually healthy person:

A sexually healthy person is someone whose resolution about sexual health are in tune with his or her conception, aims, worth and credence. A person who makes decisions based on the availability of a detailed and extensive knowledge of sexual wellness. This also includes the ability to model and preserve a safe and healthy relationship, able to exercise the rights of freedom from oppression, abuse and  ill-treatment and willingness to communicate and reach an agreement on sexual limits

Before embarking on a sexual intercourse, you should consider the five (5) points listed below

1. The risks involve in having sex with one who is akready infected with Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infections caused by viruses, parasites and bacteria ranging from Human Immunodeficiency Virus, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, Hepatitis B, Staphylococcus,  Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Genital herpes, Chlamydia, Trichomoniasis etc. Also it is important to know the conditions that may slow down your sex life, this include erectile dysfunction, endometriosis, reproductive tract infections, sexual desire disorder, problems with the nerves, diabetes etc. Getting good treatments for these conditions will provide a succor for you and your partner whilst not standing in the way of your comfort and satisfaction regarding sex. Issues with mental and emotional health that affects your sexual well being can also be solve when you seek your doctor’s help. Remember, treatment is an essential step you need to take for your sexual well being.

2. Sexual Abuse: Ensure there’s a connect between you and your partner. Sex should be an emotional thing/activity rather than just been mechanical. Being connected not only physically but emotionally and spiritually plays a great role in giving you a sense of validation and safety with your partner. If you are embarking on a sexual intimacy for what you stand to gain, then there can’t be anything like a mutual connect. Its more or less like a sexual abuse with your consent. On the  other hand it may be a case of rape where it is done without your consent. Many has fallen victim of sexual abuse because of whom they choose to be with (wrong relationship). Stay away if you feel vulnerable around anyone you are not ready to give in to, and if you choose to have a healthy  sex, Make it count, make it worthwhile, make it a memory relieving activity.

3. Your well-being – talking about your safety and preventing unwanted pregnancy and diseases. Abstinence is a sure way to the rescue or better still you consider the use of birth control pill such as condoms, Intra Uterine Device (IUD) and Implants etc. It is not enough to trade your sexual health just for few minutes ‘turnionion’, you gerrit? I mean enjoyment. Your condom should always be within reach, in a place where they won’t be affected by a change in temperature or damp. You may choose your wardrobe, side drawers if you are at home, it can also be placed in your bag, purse, pocket, backpack while you’re on the go. You may be faced with unwanted or unplanned pregnancy if you refuse to put into consideration the consequences of having it ‘raw’ when you have options for prevention. When it finally dawn on you, you loose interest in sex itself, because realities begins to set in, you are now face with the challenge of planning for the unplanned! Having a fore knowledge of a healthy sex life helps to curb a lot of complications ranging from Sexual Transmitted Disease, Unwanted pregnancy, Sexual abuse and Mixed emotions.

4. It is also important to note first of all that the choices you make affect your sexual health. Some may not consider their sexual health so important, we tend to dance to the random tunes our choices or wants plays, there’s lot more to it than we can imagine.  Have you ever considered your overall health as a factor that affects your sexual health? Yes, it does affect it. Let’s take some few examples, being obese affects one’s sexual health and performance, how? The fat tissues affects the sex hormones like the estrogen levels and the testetorone levels.  So when next you want to take a bite or munch on a food, consider your body fat, make a choice of reducing fat intakes and eat healthy.

b. Smoking and the use of hard drugs are very harmful to one’s health. They are able to decrease the level of your performance and your sexual well being. Hard drugs makes a wreckage of your mental health, remember your mental health needs to be stable and intact for a healthy sexual relationship.

c. Do everything possible to reduce stress, avoid excess workload, take time off work and relax, have a time to yourself in which you can relieve yourself from stress.

5. Communication is key – many at times we tend to bottle up our feelings and thoughts, or we don’t know how to communicate this feelings and thoughts to our partner, we then assume they  know about it through our body language, remember not everyone understands the body language.  Speak to your partner, voice out what you feel, your thoughts and concerns, do not hold back any piece of information, aside this make your expectation known to him/her, be sure you’re not pressured into doing what you are not comfortable with. This is where each partner needs to communicate clearly if they want to engage in any form of sexual activities or not, including the freedom of expressing what each of them feel, what they want and what they don’t want as they get intimate, some may feel too shy to tell their partner where to explore during foreplay in order to get stimulated, help your partner get out of their cocoon and ask where to ignite the spark. If there be any case of Sexually Transmitted Disease, be open to your partner about it, they may also be affected. Consult your doctor as you both get treated for any infections or diseases and live a healthy sexual life.

6. Have a sense of self esteem: A lot of people are battling with low self esteem i.e. a degrading opinion one has about his/herself. This has led to breakups in relationships. Self esteem is part of the requirement for your sexual health and it paves way for a successful relationship.  The question we may want to ask now is why some partner’s aren’t so confident? One very important reason is: Not feeling good about your body. The ill feelings you have about your body affects the ability to express your self sexually. Body images varies in shapes and sizes, while some may have a perfect body, some near perfect, some may not have a good body image, hey! It’s not enough reason to loose your confidence. Being confident and positive about your body is a key to unlock your sexual wellness. Poor self image have an adverse effect on your sex life. Don’t limit yourself because of the way you feel about your body, it drains you emotionally and physically. You need to accept your body by learning to love and profess positive things about your image. Over time it will help boost not only your confidence but your overall sexual health. Constantly remind yourself you can do more with your body/image beyond what you or others feel. Don’t go out of your way to feel validated by your partner, let them love you the way you are.

How do you become more sexually confident?

A. Know and appreciate your body. When you learn to appreciate and pass good compliments on your body, your partner will follow suit. It is what it is.

B. Know your needs: Explore what fascinates you sexually with your partner, let him know what gives you pleasure and what irritates you during sex.

C. Consult a therapist: Your mental health may have been affected by the way you feel about yourself. You may need to employ the service of a therapist to help keep you in check.

D. Learn to appreciate your partner for ‘working on you’ whilst helping you to climax. The word ‘Thank you’ goes a long way to earn you another unforgettable ride.



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